Jordan Peterson vs Slavoj Žižek: The Great Debate Drinking Game Bingo


Jordan Peterson vs Slavoj Žižek: The great debate drinking game bingo


The time has come, the lobsters are steamed and your room has been cleaned and the *sniff* debate is finally here. The big even that you didn't even know you wanted is about to kick off on April 19th when the two titans of modern pop philosophy (and self-promotion) face off on the topic of Happiness: Capitalism vs Marxism. 


To help keep the debate interesting, and to keep your friends quiet while you try and watch the intellectual sparks fly without them asking who Lacan is, we've put together this handy print-out-and-keep drinking game Bingo. 


Jordon Peterson v Slavoj Zizek: The great Debate Bingo

Here are the rules: 

- Stand up straight with your shoulders back.

- Print out the above Bingo card or keep it handy on your phone during the debate. 

- Pour yourself and your friends a large drink.  

- Tick off a square every time one of the events happen.

- For each square you fill in, take a sip of your drink. 

- For each full line of diagonal, vertical or horizontal squares you find, drink your whole drink. 

- If you manage to fill the entire sheet, CONGRATS! You get to make everyone else drink their drink!

- And so on and so on....*sniff*. 


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