5 possible reasons behind Kanye's 2020 presidential run


We've all seen this recent Kanye West Tweet which has sent the headlines ablaze with rumours and speculation over Ye's motives for deciding to run so late into the 2020 presidential race:  

Kanye 2020

We've done the legwork for you and put together the top 5 reasons Kanye might be throwing his name in the ring. 

1. Kanye is just promoting his latest music release.

Kanye is known as a master of self-promotion and what better time to grab some headlines than a few days after teasing a new music release?

2. Kanye is trying to steal votes from Biden and help Trump.

We all know that Kanye has a history with the red hat gang and has claimed to be a fan of Trump. We also know that the current White house resident is in trouble in the polls (thanks to the current pandemic and slowing down of the economy). You don't have to be a member of the West Wing Fan club and political pollster to realise that there is a lot of overlap among voters who may vote for Biden in November and fans of Kanye, which could potentially split the Democrat vote in favour of Trump, could this be a masterful political strategy on behalf of Trump?

3. Kanye is trying to steal votes from Trump and help Biden.

As much as the love was flowing from Kanye to Trump over the last 4 years...it has not been reciprocated. The most Trump has ever publicly acknowledged Kanye's support outside of a couple of photo ops is this tweet:

...which is not exactly enthusiastic. We all know how fragile Kanye's ego can be and it's not unreasonable that Kanye has been planning a way to get back at Trump since then. Much like the reason above, it's reasonable to assume that some MAGA voters would jump form Trump to Kanye and possibly make a dent in the polls. 

4. Kanye is warming up for a 'real' run in 2024.

Kanye had previously said that he is "not going to run, but walk" for president and give himself a long lead up to a run in 2024. This was back at the end of 2019, and one or two things have changed in the political landscape since then, so he might be serious about moving his plans forward by a few years. 

5. Kim wants to be first lady.

It's fair to say that Kim has made no secret about her desires to influence politics, especially in areas like prison reform. Her recent efforts have had some positive outcomes, but there have been some roadblocks from the Trump administration, with Kim even going so far as to say she will not endorse him for president. As soon as her husband announced his intention to run, she endorsed him.  Perhaps she feels she could do more from inside the White House as first lady?

Whatever Kanye's reasons, one thing in certain, things are about to get interesting in the 2020 presidential race!



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